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30 Jun. 2023

What are my tertiary alcohol and other drug qualification options?

From Drug and Alcohol Research Connections:

The last scoping of tertiary level Australian alcohol and other drug (AOD) qualifications was undertaken two decades ago.

The Australian AOD sector provides highly meaningful and engaging, albeit complex and challenging work.[1] There is however, global workforce shortages in which our sector is struggling to compete.[2, 3] Tertiary providers have a key role promoting AOD careers to students; and to produced knowledgeable and skilled graduates. With considerable changes in Australia’s higher education sector in recent decades, it is uncertain what AOD-specific tertiary qualification options are available to our future, and current, workers.

What we did

An exploration of Australian higher education AOD-specific graduate qualifications. Our premise was the following question: If I was interested in a Graduate AOD-specific course, what could I do? Graduate programs in scope were Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters by Coursework in AOD programs. Internet searches for suitable programs were conducted in January 2023. For each identified program, the following information was obtained: university provider, jurisdiction, cost, study modes, delivery modes, and duration. Information were tabulated and synthesised into an excel spreadsheet. Descriptive analyses were undertaken, with selected data compared with historical data [4].

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