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26 Jun. 2023

Centre for Sexual Assault Counselling and Protective Behaviour services Katherine

Introducing SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) Katherine.

SARC is the Centre for Sexual Assault Counselling and Protective Behaviour services.

SARC have recently moved and are working from 11 Second Street, Katherine in the old Allied Health Building next to Gorge Health off Giles Street.

SARC offers sexual assault Counselling to anyone from 4 years up, this can be Crisis Counselling and support through self-referral, agency referral, parent or family members who have been impacted by an assault.  This can also be historical sexual abuse and is a government run service through the Department of Health. SARC also receive referrals via Support Link and Territory Families.

SARC offer a Protective Behaviour service for children where there has been children at risk/or experienced harm of a sexual nature. 

Offering support in times of crisis, from trauma based support in reference to forensic testing through Katherine Hospital.

SARC support children through play therapy, support to parents and psycho-education around what to look for if there are concerns.

Please phone us for more information on  (08) 8973 8524 or email