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7 Sep. 2023

Learning from 50 Years of Aboriginal Alcohol Programs

Congratulations to Dr. Peter d'Abbs and Nicole Hewlett on publishing their book Learning from 50 Years of Aboriginal Alcohol Programs.

This open access book deals with community-based attempts on the part of Aboriginal communities and groups in Australia to address harms arising from alcohol misuse. Alcohol-related harms are viewed as both a product of colonisation and dispossession and a contributor to ongoing social, economic and health-related disadvantage, both in Australia and in other countries with colonised Indigenous populations, such as Canada, the US and New Zealand. This book contributes to an evidence-base by bringing together a selection of existing Australian documents considered by the editors to have continuing relevance to all those concerned with dealing with alcohol-related harms among Aboriginal peoples, These are contextualised in original chapters that recount key events, ideas, and programs.

The book is a practical resource for all people and groups concerned with addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alcohol-related harms, both at the community level and at the level of policy-making and administration.

You can download the book here.

Dr. d'Abbs and Ms. Hewlett presented at our annual conference on the publishing of this book, you can view that presentation here: