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30 Jul. 2021

Information and resources about ice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Crystal methamphetamine ('ice') is a growing problem for communities around Australia. Based on the knowledge shared by community we have developed a variety of resources that may support and empower individuals and communities who are working to address ice use and related harms. Take a look at the resources here.

About these resources

We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this country and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

For the purposes of this website, we respectfully refer to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. This term ‘peoples’ emphasises the diversity of the many Aboriginal nations and Torres Strait Islander groups and their language groups, cultures, kinship structures and ways of life.

About the artwork

Jenna Lee is a proud Larrakia, Wardaman and Karajarri woman working as an artist and designer at Gilimbaa, an Indigenous Creative Agency. Jenna led the development of the designs whilst working closely with the Cracks in the Ice team. An important aspect of the patterning Jenna designed was acknowledging that everyone’s journey through crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’) use and recovery is different. It is important to make sure to never lose sight of the individual in the story. Together, the elements carry a message of empathy, compassion, cultural strength and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.