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8 Jul. 2021

Manual of Resources for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention: Clinicians and Frontline Workforce

The Centre of Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention (CBPATSISP) is Australia’s leading authority on Indigenous suicide. The Centre promotes evidence-based suicide prevention practice that empowers individuals, families and communities and respects their culture.

Clinicians, including psychologists, psychiatrists, emergency medicine specialists, GPs and nurses, have important roles to play in supporting the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and in preventing suicide.

Other front-line workers who provide services to Indigenous people can also make essential contributions. Social workers, youth workers, and any staff who support community programs and services, need to understand how Indigenous people may exhibit distress and how to respond to individuals, families and whole communities.

For some professionals, supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s mental health and social and emotional wellbeing will be part of their education, training and supervision. For many others, their development in these domains will occur in the workplace, with limited formal oversight.

All workforces need to understand how to work with Indigenous people in a culturally responsive and safe way that supports positive and trusting relationships.

This section of the Manual includes resources that apply in all these situations.

The resources available fall into the below categories and can be accessed here:

  • Cultural Understanding and Respect
  • Responding to Crisis
  • Staying safe and well: self-care for practitioners
  • Promoting Resilience and Preventing Suicide
  • Responding after suicide
  • Clinical Checklists and Toolkits
  • Policies and Position Statements