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21 Feb. 2024

Penington Institute Annual Review 2023

Drug overdose is a national catastrophe. More Australians now die from overdose every year than on our roads, yet this crisis remains poorly understood by the wider public.

Our definitive annual review of overdose, Australia’s Annual Overdose Report 2023 (AAOR 2023), challenges this lack of urgency.

This landmark report, produced since 2016, grew further in influence this year, generating extensive media attention and public conversation.

It provides vital evidence of the scale of the overdose crisis and its growing impact on our community.

Thank you to all members of the expert advisory committee for their valued support throughout the development of this report.

Our AAOR 2023 documented a number of crucial issues:

  • Overdose is a crisis that requires urgent attention;
  • Opioids and benzodiazepines play a major role in overdose in Australia;
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are disproportionately affected by overdose;
  • Prescription drugs help fuel overdose rates;
  • Overdose affects Australian adults of all age groups.

Read the report here.