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Young People and AOD 

For Young Person in the process of developing their own identity, alcohol and other drugs are used for a variety of reasons including: 

  • providing pleasure; 
  • normal risk-taking behaviour; alleviating boredom; 
  • satisfying curiosity; 
  • facilitating social bonding; 
  • attaining peer status; 
  • or as an escape or coping mechanism. 

It is important to note not every Young Person who uses alcohol and drugs is dependent or exhibits challenging behaviour. 

A Young Person using alcohol and other drugs can present with a range of behaviours, these behaviours can be confronting and distressing for family, community members and allied health and community workers. Below we have provided a range of resources and tools to support you to Young People.

We will be updating this page with information, support and resources for young people living in the Northern Territory.

Please see a youth project summary report of the work AADANT has undertaken over the last three years here.