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Safe Connections Workshop

9 May. 2024
Tennant Creek

Children and young people who have experienced trauma often display a wide range of behaviours that feel difficult to understand and are challenging to effectively respond to. Children and young people who engage in harmful sexual behaviour have significant needs. This workshop introduces harmful sexual behaviours, how they develop, explores how to identify a spectrum of risks and behaviour, as well as ways to tailor support for children and young people with safety strategies to manage these behaviours.

What you will learn:
Briefly consider how to identify harmful sexual behaviour in children and young people.
Understand the differences between developmentally appropriate sexual behaviour and harmful sexual behaviour.
Implement specific strategies for managing these behaviours underpinned by a framework of safety.


Thursday 9th May 2-4pm TFHC Barkly Wakapi Nyinta - Conference Room
This workshop is delivered at no cost to the participants.

Communities of practice:

ACF invites practitioners to register their interest to participate in a communities of practice centred around Harmful Sexual behaviour and supporting our children and young people.

To register please email: Please include your current workplace and role as well as best contact details in the email.