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Recorded: Cognitive Impairment in Methamphetamine Use

5 Jul. 2023

This Cracks in the Ice webinar on "Cognitive Impairment in Methamphetamine Use: Perspectives from Neuropsychological Practice" was held on 5th of July 2023 at 12pm (AEST) and provided attendees with information about:

  • Cognition and signs of cognitive impairment
  • Research on cognitive functioning and methamphetamine
  • General compensatory strategies & recommendations for cognitive difficulties
  • This information will be relevant to health workers, people who use crystal methamphetamine, families and the general community.

This webinar was presented by Dr James Gooden is a senior clinical neuropsychologist, clinician researcher and 2021 NCCRED scholar based at the Turning Point Addiction Neuropsychology Service in Richmond, Victoria.

View this webinar here.