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Methamphetamines in pregnancy - clinical care to improve survival, engagement and attachment

29 May. 2024

Talking Point - Wednesday 29th May 2024, 1pm - 2pm

Methamphetamines in pregnancy - clinical care to improve survival, engagement and attachment with Elvira Earthstar, Clinical Midwife Consultant

Summary of the session

In this webinar, Elvira will discuss the reasons that methamphetamine use in pregnancy is so concerning: the impact on pregnant physiology and the developing fetal brain; disruptions to perinatal attachment; and disruptions to executive functioning which disrupt health-affirming choices.

Elvira will also highlight the possibilities for parents to initiate and sustain change during pregnancy and early parenting, and the importance of a trusted care team. Drawing on DOHaD (Developmental Origins of Health and Disease) and epigenetic theories, this webinar will demonstrate how addressing substance use in pregnancy can change the life trajectories of this generation and the next.

This presentation will provide participants with the opportunity to:

Develop an understanding of pregnancy physiology for mother and baby, and the impact methamphetamines can have on both.
Learn about the importance of the first thousand days of development (conception until age 2), and the enormous potential of supporting at risk and vulnerable families at this time.

Elvira Earthstar is a Clinical Midwife Consultant with the Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service. Elvira provides midwifery care to women with complex substance use during their pregnancies, with the aim of improving outcomes for mother, baby and the broader community. Working from a trauma-aware, strengths based position, Elvira translates research and practise wisdom into pregnancy care that makes a difference for some of our community’s most vulnerable mothers and infants.


Date: Wednesday 29th May 2024

Venue: Online

Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm AEST

Cost: Free

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