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Mediation Skills for Managers (Darwin)

5 Nov. 2020
The Avenue, Parap Level 2/12 Salonika Street

CORP Workplace Solutions will be holding a full day workshop on Mediation Skills for Managers Thursday 5 November from 9:00AM-4:00PM in Parap.

Are you struggling to manage conflict between members of your team? Join us to explore the role of the mediator and gain practical skills.

About this Event

What’s it all about?

This workshop introduces mediation skills and develops manager's skills and confidence in responding to disputes in the workplace.

Participants examine and gain understanding of the guiding principles of mediation including fairness, neutrality and confidentiality.

The workshop focuses on the development of the essential skills of a mediator including communication, identifying positions of interest, agenda setting, facilitating resolution options and managing challenging behaviour.  

This is an engaging and interactive workshop with lots of opportunity for practice through customised scenarios.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • A range of causes of conflict
  • A range of approaches for dispute resolution
  • The principles and process of mediation
  • The role of the mediator and the manager as mediator
  • Practical skills used throughout the mediation process – theory and practice


PH: 8941 1752


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