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Marumali Program® for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce

16 Nov. 2021 to 19 Nov. 2021

The Marumali Program®  is based on the Marumali Journey of Healing Model that  is unique, original and unparalleled,  developed by Aunty Lorraine (Darcy) Peeters,  a survivor of the Stolen Generations and an award-winner (World Council for Psychotherapy - Sigmund Freud Award).

Since 2000 the Marumali Program®,  the nationally recognised best practice, good practice healing informed model,  has been delivered to community and individuals, with an aim of increasing the quality of support available to Stolen Generations, their families and their communities. Groups  include service providers in the Aboriginal community controlled sector and Government sector and survivors within community and the prison system.

The Marumali Program® supports service providers to: realise the widespread impact of forcible removal and understanding the potential paths for recovery; recognise the signs and symptoms of trauma associated with forcible removal in clients, families and others involved with their service; and to avoid re-traumatising to respond by integrating this knowledge into their policies, procedures and practices.

This workshop will empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander service providers/support workers in the provision of safe, appropriate and effective support to Stolen Generations survivors, their families and communities. Participants are equipped with strategies to deal with issues of trauma associated with removal practices in a variety of settings and strategies which respect the rights of survivors to control the pace, direction and outcome of their own healing journey.

When: 16th to 19th November 2021

Location: DARWIN NT

Times: 9am until 4pm each day

Fee: $2600

Register your interest or send me an email with any queries. Secure your place as soon as possible,  as numbers are limited. 

Contact : Shaan Peeters,

M: 0481 340 258