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Foundations of Family Violence Online Training - FREE

11 May. 2020
Online Modules

Tangentyere Family Violence and Prevention Program is offering their family and domestic violence online training for free.

The 11 module online training is an introduction to Family & Domestic Violence and has been developed as a tool to assist workers to learn about Family & Domestic Violence.

This training has been designed to be easy to understand as you work through the modules.

Great for staff who are working in family violence and also for people who are in other helping professions. 

The module themes are as follows:

  • What is Family Violence?
  • Gender inequality
  • Gender based violence
  • Power & Control
  • Forms of Violence
  • Cycle of Violence
  • Impacts of Violence
  • Excuses or smokescreens
  • High Risk indicators of serious harm or death
  • Safety planning
  • What can you do? 

Once you finish the modules you will be able to use the film ATNETYEKE to talk about the themes in the film. This has been designed as a package.

To access this training for free, please click "Register" button, fill in your details and it will by-pass the payment section.