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“As an AOD clinician, what do I need to consider about working with clients who may be using family violence?”

23 Nov. 2022

The webinar explores the clinical interaction with adult people who use violence, what accountability and visibility looks like as an obligation and in practice, and the benefits of collaboration to manage risk and to increase safety for victim survivors. The webinar highlights the importance of centering victim survivors in practice, while promoting curiosity as a means for a clinician to explore risk. As with working with victim survivors, working with adult people who use family violence requires interaction with the broader service system.
The webinar also stresses the importance of self-care through formal and informal means.

This work has been prepared as a collaboration of AOD Specialist Family Violence Advisors from the Specialist Family Violence Advisor Capability Building Program.


Cindy McKelvie, The Salvation Army, SFVA (Barwon)
Stephen Herd, Turning Point, SFVA (Inner East)
Meg Bagnall, Bendigo Community Health, SFVA (Lodden)
Rachel Daniel, Ballarat Community Health, SFVA (Ballarat)

Date and time: Wednesday 23rd November 2022 @ 1pm to 2pm AEST
Venue: online register here
Who should register? This webinar is suitable for workers in the AOD, mental health, allied health and welfare sectors.