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Central Australia
Clinical case management, post-withdrawal treatment
Self-referral, Clinical, external, or Internal agency referral. Community, Police, Elders, Lawyers, school referrals.
Services Provided 
Case management and care planning, Counselling, Early and brief intervention, Residential rehabilitation, VSA, Youth

Since 1993, Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation (WYDAC, formerly known as Mt Theo Program) has dedicated itself to developing the strength, health, confidence and leadership of Warlpiri youth. The program aims to promote positive and meaningful future pathways for all young Warlpiri people.

The notable, and sustainable, success of the program has been firmly based on the strength of Warlpiri youth and their communities, as well as the ongoing commitment of staff. The program was created by, and for, Warlpiri people, and is governed by a Warlpiri Committee.


Age Range 
0-17, 18-29 years
Yuendumu 0872