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Integrated Withdrawal and Assessment Service (IWAS) provides a pathway for people requiring acute withdrawal support.

The aim of IWAS is to provide clients experiencing substance use issues with a supportive environment during withdrawal and early brain recovery while facilitating the development of an individualised after-care plan.

Withdrawal can be dangerous without the appropriate medical attention.

Our goal is to minimise experiences of unpleasant symptoms and the risks of harm to the patient in order to limit the potential harm from substance use into the future.

We provide a FREE nine-day voluntary withdrawal and early brain recovery therapeutic program that allows for individual progression through several stages.

Our program combines withdrawal, early brain recovery and psychotherapeutic treatments that support a persons journey to recovery.

People wishing to access IWAS are required to have an assessment at Alcohol and Other Drugs Service Central Australia (ADSCA) or through assessment by the Alice Springs Hospital Addiction Medicine Team.

To find out more information, please call 8951 5159 or 8951 7580.

(IWAS accepts interstate patients)

Lot 3881 South Stuart Highway, Hugh NT 0872