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Top End
Must be post-detox, Indigenous and non-Indigenous
Self-referral, Clinical, agency referral, youth diversion through the VSA Act
Services Provided 
Case management and care planning, Counselling, Day programs and non-residential, Early and brief intervention, Family programs, House/homelessness, Indigenous Specific, Outreach, Residential rehabilitation, VSA, Youth

CAAPS Aboriginal Corporation is the largest not-for-profit family-focused residential alcohol and other drug rehabilitation centre in Northern Australia. The HF program provides individuals and families with a safe and supportive environment to address substance use issues. The program is made up of a range of education sessions and activities that cover substance use, healthy lifestyles, livelihood, cultural sessions, trauma and healing, and family relationships including parenting.  

24-Hour residential service 

Business hours 8:00AM-4:00PM weekdays 

Youth Services programs – Intensive Assessment Program (IAP)  

Location : Top End 

Eligibility : Youth age 12 – 17, Substance use concern, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. 


Self-referral or agency referral, youth diversion or mandate through the VSA Act 

Services Provided  

Intensive assessment program in a residential setting for up to 4 weeks.  

Youth Services programs – Substance Treatment Program (STP)  

Location : Top End 

Eligibility : Youth age 14 - 18, have completed CAAPS IAP. 

Access  : Following completion of CAAPS IAP 

Services Provided  

No standard program duration – dependent on young person’s identified needs.  

Tailored activities may include; Psychoeducation sessions, Education/Work-ready support, Case management and care planning, Counselling, Adventure Therapy, Cultural Support and Training, Art Therapy, Brief Interventions. Protective Behaviours.  

Indigenous Specific. Non-residential Day programs also available. 

CAAPS Aboriginal Corporation provides quality programs to support young people who have alcohol and/or drug issues, including their families and communities.  

Young people can only enter STP if they have already finished CAAPS IAP. STP is for young people who cannot address their AOD use in their community without extra support. 

Age Range 
14-18 years  

Business hours 8:00AM-4:00PM weekdays 

Homelessness Outreach Support Service (HOS) 

Location : Darwin and Palmerston 

Eligibility: Homeless or at risk of homelessness, Individuals, couples and families, Indigenous and non-Indigenous 

Access : Self-referral or agency referral 

Services Provided : Outreach delivery - Non-residential. Case management and care planning, Brief Interventions, Indigenous Specific. Referrals. Youth. 

CAAPS Aboriginal Corporation provides outreach support in community to support appropriate referrals and work to prevent homelessness. HOS assists clients to access other agencies for support to secure and maintain stable accommodation and to access brokerage. HOS also supports clients of CAAPS other programs where required. 

Business hours 8:00AM – 4.00PM weekdays 

Age Range : Any 

Phone : 1800 894 800 or (08) 8922 4852 

Age Range 
18-65+ years (0 – 17 can enter with their guardians)
60 Boulter Rd Berrimah 0828