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Must be an Adult residing in either Central or Barkly Regions of the Northern Territory
Self-referral, external, or Internal agency referral
Services Provided 
Aftercare, Case management and care planning, Counselling, Early and brief intervention, Indigenous Specific, Outreach, Residential rehabilitation, Sobering up shelter

Outreach and Transitional Aftercare

BRADAAG’S Outreach provides a safe place to discuss your circumstances and can provide assistance and advocacy for a wide range of day-to-day challenges.

Outreach visits Community Living Areas each weekday to provide fresh drinking water and a collection service for people needing a shower and a hot meal.

Outreach have oversight and Case Management of clients living in our Transitional Aftercare Units.

Sobering Up Shelter (SUS)

A safe place for individuals at risk of Alcohol related harm.

Promotes referral linkages with BRADAAG Residential Rehabilitation Program, Transitional Aftercare and Outreach and other health and social services as required.

Residential Rehabilitation

The BRADAAG Residential Rehabilitation Program operates a 20-bed facility for both men, women and a family and includes an eight-week program. 

Alcohol and other drug sessions are provided, life sills, recreation and work experience programs are included. 

One-on one sessions and group therapy with individual case management and personalised treatment plans. 

Over the past three decades BRADAAG has been able to grow and adapt its services to suit the needs of the Barkly Region. In addition to the organisation's longest running service - the Sobering Up Shelter, BRADAAG also operates three residential programs as well as an aftercare/outreach service.

Age Range 
18+ years
Main Office 21 Thompson St, Tennant Creek 0860