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10 Mar. 2020

Straight From The Source 2020: Practical Guide to Consumer Participation

Consumer participation is broadly defined as the process of involving health consumers in decision making about health service planning, policy development, priority setting and quality in the delivery of health services. A consumer is someone who uses, has used, or is eligible to use alcohol and other drug services.

Consumer participation in the alcohol and other drug sector consists of including consumers (as defined above) in the decision making processes around:

  • their own treatment
  • service planning, development, delivery and evaluation
  • AOD policy
  • AOD research
  • education and training of AoD professionals.

The Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) has released Straight from the source developed by APSU in 2020. “Straight from the Source” A practical guide to consumer participation in the Victorian alcohol and other drug sector (Second Edition), is an updated and more contemporary version of the original “Straight from the Source”  developed in 2010. This second edition encompasses “Broadening the Source” a practical guide to family participation in the Victorian alcohol and other drug sector. 

Please acess the resource through SHARC's website here.