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8 Dec. 2021

Stakeholder consultation - ADF Family and Friends Outcomes Framework for AOD services

Please see information below from the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) in partnership with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) regarding stakeholder consultation for a family and freidns outcomes framework for AOD services.

Dear Stakeholders,

I am writing to you on behalf of NCETA and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) with this invitation to participate in a stakeholder consultation to inform and guide the development of an Outcomes Framework for Family and Friends.

The Outcomes Framework is designed to support AOD organisations in the delivery of information and services to family and friends who are concerned about alcohol and/or drug use of their loved one.

The attached consultation paper outlines key ideas and research in this area, to inform the stakeholder consultation process.

(also available here in pdf & word formats:

Stakeholder input is sought to inform and guide the development of this Framework, to ensure it is an useful and effective resource that meets the needs of the AOD sector.

A written submission from your organisation would be most welcome, to ensure the Framework is guided by stakeholder expertise and experience in this area.

Please email your submission with the attached cover sheet to this email address ( by 21 January 2021.

More detail on this project is provided below and in the consultation paper.

NCETA and ADF look forward to your input on this important resource for the AOD sector.


Project information:

The Family and Friends Outcomes Framework will be a practical resource that:

  • Supports AOD services to develop a greater understanding of current service quality
  • Provides AOD services with a set of standards to measure quality of service delivery and outcomes
  • Offers the sector a set of common metrics that can be used to track the quality and success of delivery across services over time and allow for benchmarking
  • Supports the integration of customer satisfaction as a key marker of service quality and success.

Stakeholder input is particularly sought on three key issues in the development of a Family and Friends Outcomes Framework:

  • What does high quality AOD service delivery to family and friends look like?

i.e., what outcomes (benefits, positive changes) should be the goal of service delivery to family and friends?

  • What activities or results show progress towards/achievement of high quality AOD service?

i.e., what specific indicators can be used to monitor and assess these outcomes?

  • How can information about these results or activities be collected?

i.e., what information and data should be collected to measure/assess these indicators?


The consultation paper (and cover sheet) is also available to download from the NCETA website