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30 Oct. 2019

Somerville Moving Forward Program 22 Oct-19 Dec

The Moving Forward Program by Somerville Community Services is offered twice a week and moves through 9 modules. Module one began Tuesday 22 October.

Tuesday afternoon from 12:30pm-2:30pm and Thursday mornings from 9:30am-11:30am at 3 Victoria Drive, Gray, Palmerston or 147 Lee Point Road, Wagaman, Darwin call 8935 1500 to book your spot. 

The modules are delivered as follows:

Module 1: Introduction - Centrelink Payments
Module 2: Budgeting and Savings
Module 3: Meal Planning
Module 4: Credit and Debt Management
Module 5: Maintaining a Sustainable Tenancy
Module 6: Self Care- Mind, Body and Soul
Module 7: Insurance and Superannuation
Module 8: Healthy Relationships and Parenting
Module 9: Employment and Training

Moving Forward is for you. Join Somerville for some or all sessions.

Easy, friendly environment to learn, share skills and stories whilst building connections. Gain an understanding of you and your families needs, in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Come join our group sessions or create your own group with family and/or friends. Light refreshments provided.

Why it’s for you: Recognised by Department of Local Government Housing and Community Development as well as Local Real Estate agents.

Please view the detailed flyer here.