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2 Sep. 2020

September is NOFASD awareness month

Red Shoes Rock - An international awareness campaign giving voice and support to those affected by prenatal alcohol exposure.

The Red Shoes Rock movement was started in 2013 by RJ Formanek, an educator and advocate living with FASD. He decided to wear red shoes to stand out, be noticed and have fun starting conversations about FASD. In his blog FASD: Presumption of Competence, RJ describes the challenges of living with a hidden disability: “Our brains really are structured differently, and they operate differently … and try as we might we cannot always fulfill those expectations placed upon us.” RJ Formanek is also the founder of the Facebook support group for adults with FASD, called Flying with Broken Wings.

The 9th day of the 9th month recognises the importance of staying alcohol-free throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. Community events throughout the month of September provide opportunities to raise awareness about FASD and the risks of prenatal alcohol exposure, to support pregnant women and families, and to share this prevention message around the world. Read more about the history of International FASD Awareness Day.