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16 Nov. 2020

Rethink Addiction: Addicted Australia 4-part Documentary

Please see information below on Rethink Addiction and the new television series created through Turning Point titled Addicted Australia:

Rethink Addiction is an independent campaign representing a collaborative industry effort to Rethink Addiction, through evidence-based information and linkages to support.

Addiction is one of Australia’s most misunderstood health conditions. We want to change the conversation about addiction and tackle the stigma and misinformation that stops people getting the help they need.

Addicted Australia is a four-part documentary series that provides a unique insight into addiction, stigma and treatment by following ten clients, their clinicians, peer support workers, families and friends as they take part in a six-month treatment program designed by Turning Point.

The series premiered on SBS on Tuesday 10 November 2020 at 8.30pm AEDT and will also be available through SBS On Demand. Visit the SBS page to find out more about how to watch the series.