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30 Sep. 2021

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2021

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week for 2021 has arrived and Amity is excited to launch this year’s campaign.  This is a campaign Amity holds every year to raise awareness of the risks and harms related to gambling and highlight strategies and support services available. It is a significant annual health promotion activity that Amity works in collaboration with the venue industry with ongoing support from the community benefit fund to deliver community awareness and gambling harm reduction to the community.

We are hoping to make an impact with the key messaging and call-to-actions designed throughout this year’s campaign material. This year's theme is "At what cost is gambling having" and the call-to-action is "Anyone can ask for help" with a range of support services available highlighted throughout the campaign. 

The campaign kicks off from Monday 4th October to Sunday 10th October and we have created a short 25 second video animation for social media and website sharing here