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1 Apr. 2021

Reframing Child Mental Health: A Communications Toolkit

The words we use make a difference. Research shows that child mental health experts and practitioners working with children, parents/adults and families have different understandings about children’s mental health. How we communicate our messages is key to bridging this gap.

This toolkit, by the FrameWorks Institute and the Emerging Minds: National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health (NWC), has been developed for this purpose. It is based on research about how practitioners understand children’s mental health, and how their understanding impacts their support for policies to promote better mental health outcomes for Australia’s children. It is intended to support child mental health experts and organisations who communicate about children’s mental health to create messages that resonate and inspire positive change.

The toolkit is freely available and we invite you to visit, explore and share it with your colleagues. Use it as a resource to spread the word about the importance of promoting positive children’s mental health.

Access the toolkit here.

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