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13 Dec. 2019

Practice Guidelines for Clinical Treatment of Complex Trauma (2019)

Evolving research and clinical insights, as well as the continuing challenges of treating the multifaceted syndrome described as 'complex' trauma, have necessitated a publication to build on the original 2012 Blue Knot guidelines, the information within which still stands.

The 2019 Practice Guidelines include substantial additions to the original underpinning research base in the following areas:

  • the nature of complex trauma
  • dissociation and the related clinical challenges
  • phased therapy in the context of current debates
  • `new’ and emerging treatment approaches
  • issues with respect to `evidence-based’ treatment

Now more than ever it is important for clinicians to be aware of ways to enhance complex trauma treatment.

A wealth of relevant and potentially valuable material is now available. But the diversity of this material, and the range of forums and formats in which it appears, can make it hard for clinicians to navigate.

The updated Practice Guidelines help do this.

As happened in 2012, again in 2019, and prior to publication, Blue Knot’s updated Practice Guidelines have been extensively nationally and internationally endorsed.

Please access the guidelines here.