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8 Sep. 2021

A partnership approach to enabling access to Hep C treatment

In working towards the WHO goal of Hepatitis C Elimination by 2030, a community-based nurse-led model of care is being implemented and evaluated in Darwin is as part of a partnership project between by the Burnett Institute, Menzies School of Health Research, Northern Territory Aids and Hepatitis Council and the Northern Territory Government.

The project title: A partnership approach to enabling access to Hep C treatment without visiting the hospital in a remote setting.

Service development / quality improvement aims:

1. To expand and build on the NTAHC monthly clinic to include more regular clinics and dedicated Engagement Officers.

2. To commence community nurse assisted prescribing in our large bulk billing GP practices and Aboriginal Medical Services in Darwin, Alice Springs, and regional areas

3. To complement our prison telehealth service with community hepatitis C nursing support and develop procedures to follow up patients on release from prison

4. Establishment of a peer-based support network to increase case finding and treatment uptake

5. Build capacity within the primary health services to manage hepatitis C Research

Research Aims:

 1. To evaluate the benefit of establishing a peer-support network linking in with our community nurse led model

 2. To explore the barriers to access and completion of Hepatitis C treatment in the Northern Territory setting using qualitative interviews.

Since project commencement in March 2021, NTAHC has undertaken recruitment of peer support/engagement officers and have established a nurse-led weekly Hepatitis C clinic. The clinic has observed good attendance and welcomes anyone to come in on a Thursday and have a Hepatitis C test, no referral or booking needed.  If treatment is required, it can be facilitated through the NTAHC clinic without needing to visit the hospital and with the support of peers. 


Hepatitis C Community Nurse: Anngie Everitt 
Ph: 0474 907 317


NTAHC: 8944 7777
Eliminate C Clinic: 0474 200 111