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18 Mar. 2019

NTCOSS Community Sector Workforce Survey

NTCOSS is seeking your input, as a member of the Community Sector workforce in the Northern Territory, to inform us of your experiences in order to assist us in representing and advocating on behalf of the Sector.

Please complete this short survey, which looks at key aspects of your employment, such as:

Working conditions;
Work/life balance;
What attracted you to work within the Sector and what will encourage you to stay; and
Opportunities for development within your role.

And for workers who manage staff:

How you recruit staff;
The training needs of your staff; and
Organisational stability

Importantly, this survey builds on a similar surveys from 2006 and 2012. Collating and comparing this data will assist us in understanding how the sector is changing/evolving and if individual and organisational needs are being met. This information will enable NTCOSS to better understand and advocate for the long-term needs of the Community Sector workforce.

Please complete the NTCOSS Community Sector Workforce Survey here and please share.