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3 Jun. 2019

NT Suicide Prevention Community Grants Applications Open

The Northern Territory Government is working to deliver its promise on reducing the suicide rate over the next five years.  

Too many lives are lost due to suicide, with the Northern Territory statistics being the highest in the country.  

In our community there are approximately 21 lives taken by suicide for every 100,000 people.  

The opportunity to apply for a one-off grant is available to community members and non-government organisations from June 3 2019, closing on June 28 2019. 

The grant will provide between $500 and $10,000 towards delivering important localised suicide prevention projects across the Territory, raising awareness to prevent suicide.  

To be successful, activities are to be in line with the Northern Territory Suicide Prevention Strategic Framework’s goals of:

Building inclusive communities and strengthening community resilience
Addressing stigma and discrimination
Raising awareness of effective suicide prevention practices  

Waltja in Alice Springs used its funding from the last round of grants to run workshops with community members around safe places to go, and safe people to talk with, when there are suicidal feelings or when trying to support others.

There were separate gender workshops, and with elders, and then collaborative paintings which remained on community, sharing the knowledge learnt. 

Projects and initiatives must be carried out during the 2019-20 financial year and conclude before 30 March 2020.

To apply and find out more, visit

Quotes from Minister for Health, Natasha Fyles:

“Suicide affects our whole community. Almost every week in the Northern Territory, a person takes their own life – and leaves behind family and friends, and a broader community, grieving for the life that tragically ended too soon.”

“We encourage members of the community and non-Government organisations to apply for these grants to support locally-led projects or activities that address an identified suicide prevention need.”

Quotes from Assistant Minister for Suicide Prevention, Mental Health and Disabilities, Ngaree Ah Kit:

“The suicide prevention grants are an important way to continue supporting our community members who work to save lives. I know it can be difficult for a community group to obtain funds and I am very pleased to see these grants assist them in their important work.”

“If we are to overcome our dreadful suicide statistics and the barriers that stop vulnerable people asking for help, then the community way is the best way to do this.”

 Quotes from Waltja Chairperson, Irene Nangala:

"We worry all the time for our young people and men and women too. They have so much hurt they are carrying around all the time. We have to help them. We need these projects so we can help each other. We have to say no to losing lives. A lot of communities need this support."

Media contact: Rob Cross 0439 778 095