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9 Nov. 2021

NT Skilled Occupation List Survey

Each year, ISACNT contact NT employers and Associations to gather evidence on hard to fill occupations for the Territory.

As we know, businesses rely on having appropriately skilled individuals to get the job done. For some occupations, recruiting or developing local people with the right skills can be difficult.

The occupational intelligence will be collaged to make recommendations to the NT Government to inform their NT Skilled Occupation Priority List (NTSOPL). 

Recommendations can then influence the allocation of funds for local training and migration matters and focus on emerging skill needs required for specific sectors.

Questions include:

  • What is the total number of employees within your organisation?
  • What occupations have been in shortage of or have experienced difficulties in recruiting?
  • What occupations do you anticipate to be in shortage or will experience recruitment difficulties?
  • What is the total number of employees on the visas; working holiday, student, sponsored migration?

Please access and take the survey: or call on 08 7913 7514 

For more information on ISACNT, please visit