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11 Sep. 2023

NT Mental Health Week in 2023: Celebrating Our Strengths

For NT Mental Health Week in 2023 the Northern Territory Mental Health Coalition (NTMHC) are leading a campaign to reduce the stigma in speaking up and getting support for your mental health.

The theme this year is Celebrating Our Strengths.

NTMHC are inviting all Terriorians to help celebrate our strengths by recording a short video (60 seconds or less) based on the theme What Keeps Us Strong by speaking to the question “What Do You Do That Works For You?”

Most of us have experienced struggles at some point or have loved ones who have. NTMHC would love your involvement in the campaign.  It’s as easy as picking up your phone to film, then uploading the video. NTMHC are available to help record your message.

Submit your Video Here        Example videos: Daniel Hall, Amy Heatherington, Shaun Wilson


Check out our Facebook page & YouTube channel to follow our video submissions leading up to Mental Health Week.