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18 Aug. 2022

NOFASD & fare: Resources for AOD Service Providers

It is important to recognise some women may have a sense of shame or guilt about disclosing they are drinking during pregnancy. It is never too late for your clients to stop alcohol use during pregnancy with support. Help is available. 

It is important to reinforce the benefits of stopping drinking at any stage during pregnancy to minimise further risk to the individual and baby.

As the peak body for parents, caregivers and individuals impacted by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, NOFASD Australia has developed targeted resources to support women who are at greater risk of having alcohol-exposed pregnancies. 

These resources have been created as part of Every Moment Matters, a national awareness campaign developed by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE), and endorsed and funded by the Australian Government. 

Check out this new resource for AOD sector workers created by NOFASD Australia as part of Every Moment Matters, a national awareness campaign about alcohol, pregnancy and breastfeeding. or

THE AOD Service Providers trifold (available for download here) covers information such as:

  • talking about alcohol use in pregnancy
  • approaching the conversation
  • what women say
  • alcohol withdrawal and pregnancy
  • more information and support
  • A poster is available here

A webinar, 'This is what I needed' Reflections from women who have experienced alcohol dependence in pregnancy, is available for viewing here.

Visit the website for more information and resources.