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28 Nov. 2018

Mission Australia Youth Survey Report 2018 Northern Territory Findings

Mission Australia released their Youth Survey Report 2018 on Wednesday revealing mental health concerns nationally in youth ages 15-19 years old. Of the 28,286 participants, 154 young people responded from the Northern Territory. Below are the main concerns and most popular responses for the NT.

  • 25% of respondents identified as Aboriginial and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • The top four issues of personal concern to young people are school and/or study problems, coping with stress, physical health and mental health.
  • Female respondents were "extremely concerned" about school or study problems (26.9%) followed by coping with stress (21.3%) and mental health third at 20.8%
  • The majority of female respondents were "not at all concerned" with gambling (88.5%), drugs (76.3%), alcohol (70%), domestic/family violence (67.1%), and suicide (53.2%)
  • Male respondents were "extremely concerned" about coping with stress (13.8%), physcial health (12.5%) and school or study problems (10.8%).
  • The majority of male respondents were "not at all concerned" with gambling (84.6%), alcohol (83.3%), drugs (81.5%), suicide (72.3%) and domestic/family violence (63.1%).
  • Young people reported seeking help from friend(s), parent/guardian(s), relative or family friend, brother/sister as the most popular for important issues.
  • The repondents said the most important issues in Australia today are mental health, alcohol and drugs, and equity and discrimination.
  • Activities young people were most involved in include sport (50.6%), youth groups and activities (39%), arts/cultural/music activities (37.7%) and volunteer work (37.7%).

To read the entire report split into results from each State and Terriroty, please click here.