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5 Apr. 2019

Mindframe AOD media reporting guidelines

The Mindframe for Alcohol and Other Drugs project uses research evidence to reduce stigma associated with AOD use, increase help-seeking behaviour in people who may require treatment or support, and minimise harm.

The evidence-informed guidelines aim to positively influence the quality of media reporting on AOD-related issues, improve community attitudes towards people living with issues related to AOD use and increase help-seeking behaviour.

These guidelines are designed to inform, support and empower media to report safely and responsibly on AOD in ways which minimise harm, stigma and discrimination while maximising help-seeking behaviour.

The guidelines include detailed information on:

  • Communicating about someone who uses alcohol and other drugs.
  • Helpful ways to communicate about alcohol and other drugs.
  • Harmful ways to communicate about alcohol and other drugs.
  • Language advice.
  • Help-seeking information and services.
  • Detailed evidence about the impact of media reporting.

To view the resource, please click here.