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14 Nov. 2019

Media Release: Methamphetamine in Central Australia

The Association of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies NT (AADANT) is the peak body for non-government organisation drug and alcohol treatment services in the Northern Territory. As the peak, we support the organisations directly providing outreach and treatment to Territorians for problematic alcohol and other drug use. With recent discussions around the use of methamphetamine, AADANT would like to state we support further investigation, data collection, and research into the use of methamphetamine in all population groups, remote or otherwise.

In a recent set of interviews by ABC radio with Drug and Alcohol Services Australia (DASA), workers have stated high levels of concern for the use of methamphetamine in Central Australia. This information is a concern to AADANT and we will be forwarding the concerns to the Department of Health. AADANT will be suggesting further investigation into some of the issues raised in these interviews and reinforce the need for further data and information to understand the magnitude of the issue and where extra support should be offered if found necessary.

AADANT would also like to state that as a sector we encourage the use of responsible language when reporting the use of alcohol and other drugs. It is important when reporting that we do not reinforce stigma and discrimination against consumers and population groups.

AADANT would like to reinforce to the public and media that use of the term Ice is slang for methamphetamine; they are not two separate substances. We support the use of responsible language when reporting on alcohol and drug issues as has been adopted by other states in recognition that it is less stigmatising and labelling if we refer to the use of methamphetamines or Amphetamines rather than using slang.

Minister Hunt last year launched the Mindframe for Alcohol and other Drugs Guidelines for communicating about alcohol and other drugs. This is an excellent resource to inform how we communicate AOD issues.

If you are concerned about a drug and alcohol problem, you can call Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) NT 1800 131 350 any time 24/7, or visit your local provider.

For further inquiries, please contact Richard Michell, Executive Officer AADANT 8943 0608