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26 Mar. 2020

Media Release: Consumption of Alcohol and Treatment Options for the General Public During COVID-19 Uncertainty


 Consumption of Alcohol and Treatment Options for the General Public During COVID-19 Uncertainty

The Association of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies NT (AADANT) encourages the general public to heed advice from the Northern Territory and Commonwealth governments at this time in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak.

AADANT is aware during times of great stress, anxiety and uncertainty, the use of alcohol and other drugs can become a coping mechanism for many people. The use of substances to comfort ourselves can easily become harmful quickly, which is why the organisations we represent continue to provide support to people who want to access them.

There are several options available, the easiest to access is the Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) which is a telephone service available for health advice, referral to treatment or services and counselling regarding alcohol and other drugs. These medical professionals are available 24/7 by calling 1800 131 350.

AADANT would like to reassure the public the supply of alcohol is abundant and any limits put on the purchase of alcohol are advertised to entice stockpiling. AADANT supports all harm reduction initiatives and we believe this to be a dangerous marketing ploy to get more people to buy alcohol beyond their means.

 AADANT would like to remind the general public binge drinking alcohol significantly lowers your body’s ability to fight off viruses and bacteria leaving you more susceptible to illness. While the alcohol content in hand sanitiser and cleaners kills bacteria on your hands and surfaces, drinking alcohol does not serve any purpose to protect you from contracting any virus or illness.

We encourage the public to be vigilant and virtually check on their family and friends who may be in self-isolation or quarantine to ensure their safe mental health. If you are concerned about yourself, a family member or friend call lifeline on 13 11 14.

To access any alcohol and other drug service in the NT, please visit our service directory


For further media enquiries please contact Peter Burnheim 0429 901 370