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8 Nov. 2021

Learning from Alcohol (Policy) Reforms in the NT

AMSANT is leading a qualitative component of the "Learning from Alcohol (Policy) Reforms in the NT” project (LEARNT), a mixed methods study investigating the impacts of the reintroduction of the Banned Drinker Register (BDR), and other alcohol control measures, in the NT.

The qualitative study aims to understand the subjective experiences of people who have been on the BDR, and of their families/social networks (HREC Ref: 2021-4134).

The study is critical to assessing the full effects of the BDR, and improving alcohol policy in the NT. AMSANT is therefore seeking support from AOD treatment services to promote the study to people who may have been on BDR, and their social networks.

For further information, or to refer participants to the study, please contact the research coordinator, Vincent Mithen, on 08 8944 6673 or