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15 Sep. 2020

Jacana Energy’s sponsorship program closes 29th September

The motivating factor behind Jacana Energy’s sponsorship program is to partner with organisations, individuals and events that support the wellbeing of people living in the Northern Territory after the impacts of COVID-19. 

Does your organisation put the wellbeing of our community, and it’s members, first?

Today, we are inviting NT organisations who are passionate about our community’s wellbeing to apply to be one of our Major Sponsorship Partners. Over the next two weeks, we are seeking applications from initiatives that aim to enhance the wellbeing of Territorians after the impacts of COVID-19.

2020 has been a year of huge change. We want to help Territorians get back on their feet by supporting causes that do just this.

To help you decide if your organisation is eligible, we have split wellbeing into three core pillars of support. If you think your organisation's projects, initiatives or activities, fit we encourage you to apply!

Mental wellbeing - causes and projects that promote mental wellness in the NT community.

Community wellbeing - local community initiatives that encourage connectivity and combat loneliness.

Physical wellbeing - local sporting teams, clubs and organisations that encourage and promote physical wellbeing.

Contact us

If you have read the sponsorship guidelines and application form and have questions, please send us an email: