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26 Jun. 2024

International Overdose Awareness Day 31 August

International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD) – held on August 31 every year – is the world’s largest annual campaign to end overdose, remember without stigma those who have died and acknowledge the grief of family and friends left behind.

Our theme for 2024 is “Together we can”, highlighting the power of our community when we all stand together.

#TogetherWeCan #IOAD2024 #EndOverdose 

No one should stand alone in our fight to end overdose.

While every individual action matters greatly, coming together as an international community creates a powerful collective action. One that moves us with greater speed toward our shared goal of preventing, and ultimately, ending all overdoses.

Through our 2024 theme, “Together we can” we’re highlighting the strength of coming together and standing in support of those connected to the tragedy of overdose.

For people who use drugs and those who don’t. For heartbroken friends and family members of lost loved ones. For activists who fight for sorely needed policy reform. For healthcare and harm reduction workers. For tireless advocates. Overdose can affect anyone, and we encourage you to remember the tenacity of our community. Lean into the power that we can have when we work together.

This August 31, reach out and connect with others in your local community and join the global IOAD movement. Our collective voices are stronger, louder, and the most impactful when brought together.

Let’s remember, together, we can end overdose.

Access campaign resources here.