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24 Jun. 2024

Inform your clinical practice when working therapeutically with complex trauma

Blue Knot Foundation offers a range of clinical guidelines and training programs to help support practitioners in their therapeutic work. All our training programs are grounded in lived experience, the latest research and practice evidence which is articulated in our publications.

Practice Guidelines for Clinical Treatment of Complex Trauma: These 2019 updated Clinical Practice Guidelines present evolving research and clinical insights around complex trauma.

Complementary Guidelines to Practice Guidelines for Clinical Treatment of Complex Trauma: These Complementary Guidelines complement and support the Practice Guidelines for Clinical Treatment of Complex Trauma (2019) by specifying what working with complex trauma clients requires and the relevant competencies needed by practitioners to do the work.

Practice Guidelines for Identifying and Treating Complex Trauma-related Dissociation: These guidelines are for clinicians who work in a range of roles, come from different disciplines, and have received diverse training but who want to enhance their ability to recognise and work with people experiencing complex trauma-related dissociation.

Guidelines for Clinical Supervisors of Therapists who Work with Complex Trauma and Dissociation: These clinical supervision guidelines support clinical supervisors of therapists working with complex trauma and dissociative clients to enhance their professional and ethical practice.