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2 Aug. 2019

Homelessness Week 2019

In 2019, Homelessness Week is the 4th -10th August with a theme “Housing Ends Homelessness’’.

There are approximately 13,727 homeless people in the NT, of those more than half are female, 47% are seeking homeless services due to domestic and family violence, and 4,942 of them are children. The Northern Territory's homeless population is 12 times the national average. 

Despite the highest rates of homelessness, the NT receives the least amount of funding support from the federal government. Homelessness services turn people in need away every day due to lack of resources, funding, or capacity to help. 16.5% of all Territorians under the age of 18 are experiencing homelessness.

Housing Ends Homelessness: We need homes that people can afford and an adequately funded service sector. 81% of people defined as homeless in the NT live in severely crowded dwellings. Averge wait times for housing range from 4-8 years.

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