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22 Nov. 2021

Graduate Certificate of Telehealth - The Future of Healthcare

Are you a healthcare worker looking to expand your skills and knowledge to deliver evidence-based telehealth services?

Monash University in partnership with Turning Point have developed the Graduate Certificate of Telehealth, which examines the most recent evidence underpinning effective telehealth services.
The past 18 months has highlighted more than ever the important role telehealth and online counselling play in the delivery of healthcare treatment, particularly where there are barriers to seeking help in rural areas, stigmatising attitudes and confidentiality concerns. Providing telehealth services increases accessibility for everyone to seek help and allows for the utmost quality of care.
The course covers a wide range of telehealth knowledge and modes of delivery to provide effective healthcare at a distance, the future for healthcare professionals.

Applications are now open for Semester 1 - starting February 2022

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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