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28 Nov. 2022

Connectivity - Aboriginal Concussion Awareness & Online Concussion Short Course - Concussion Awareness Course

Connectivity’s Concussion Short Course has been designed in conjunction with the University of Tasmania to help you further understand concussion including recognising the signs and symptoms, how to manage concussion, appreciate the pathways to recovery and how concussions can impact your everyday life.

Joining this free course is easy. Simply create an account and begin working at your own pace. The great thing about our concussion short course is that you complete the course in your own time. Complete a module a day or choose to complete the entire course in one sitting, it’s up to you. To cover all the content within the course will take approximately 1 – 1.5hours.

Connectivity’s Concussion Short Course is available online to enrol now.


In collaboration with Goolarri Media, we have created a series of three, specifically themed educational campaigns to raise awareness of concussion and to advise on seeking medical care if a head knock has been sustained.

These are currently running on GWN and Goolarri TV, and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and You Tube.


You can view the campaigns below:

Car crashes can cause concussion

Fights can cause concussion

Falls can cause concussion