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31 Jul. 2020

The Australian 2020 National Alcohol Survey

An RMIT psychology student is conducting research studying the use of alcohol nationally in Australia, please see information below on the survey. Please view the participant information sheet here.

The cumulative effects of alcohol consumption pose systemic risk factors to health and well being. Not only are people at risk of chronic physical diseases, depression and suicide are associated with alcohol use also. In particular, approximately 50% of suicides are linked to the use of alcohol. By offering 15 minutes of your time, you can help provide valuable information which may contribute to more effective treatment programs and a reduction in mental health issues surrounding alcohol consumption in society.

The Australian 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Well Being found that 21.1 % of the 16-85 age group met the diagnosis of alcohol use disorder. This research aims to measure the prevalence of alcohol use disorder in 2020 and, to hopefully create better interventions to reduce the rate of suicide in the future.  

Take the survey here.

 Ethics Approval