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7 Jul. 2021

AOD Screening and Withdrawal Tools Collection

The National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) has released AOD Screening and Withdrawal Tools for use by the Alcohol and Other Drug Sector in Australia.

Standardised alcohol & other drug (AOD) screening & withdrawal tools are crucial for early prevention, intervention & client/patient safety. The tools are available through their website accessible here:

This website provides a central location for AOD screening & withdrawal tools relevant to the Australian context.

There are two collections available:

  • Screening Tools: Screening detects AOD use. It identifies persons who may be at risk of problematic AOD use, from those who are not. Screening forms the initial step in identifying possible issues and conditions. Screening is not diagnostic. Rather it helps to direct client care by identifying issues requiring further investigation.
  • Withdrawal Tools: Withdrawal tools aim to identify severity of withdrawal from a particular substance.