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14 Aug. 2019

Alcohol Review Implementation Team Update - Liquor Bill 2019 passes NT Parliament

The NT Parliament passed the Liquor Bill 2019 during yesterday’s sittings.

This Bill provides a comprehensive framework for the regulation of sale and supply of liquor in the Northern Territory in response to the Final Report Alcohol Policies and Legislation Review of October 2017. 

Read the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice’s media release here.

The Liquor Act 2019 will come into effect on 1 October 2019.

The Liquor Bill 2019 repeals the Liquor Act 1978 and makes consequential amendments to a number of Acts and Regulations. 

The Liquor Act 2019 aims to provide a contemporary, fit-for-purpose regulatory and enforcement framework appropriate to the Northern Territory, one that is workable and accessible to users, while removing confusing and inconsistent parts.

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