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19 Jul. 2019

Alcohol is the Drug Associated With Most Problematic Rates of Use

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre's Professor Caitlin Hughes released a research bulletin titled Australian music festival attendees: A national overview of demographics, drug use patterns, policing experiences and helpseeking behaviour Wednesday.

During the New South Wales inquest into MDMA-related deaths at music festivals, Hughes explained poly-drug use should be of most concern, "While we're focusing on MDMA, alcohol is the drug that is associated with most problematic rates of use." 

Hughes went on to say, "When you look at illicit drug (use) patterns specifically, it's consistent with non-problematic ways... It's not to say people who go to festivals aren't using in problematic ways [but] the majority will be using fairly infrequently, fairly modestly and only going to festivals once or twice [a year].

"They're educated, have jobs and are productive, full members of society," Hughes continued. 

The research released Wednesday also shows those surveyed are consuming alcohol most frequently, "... while almost half of all alcohol users consumed at least once a week, cannabis users consumed on average once every 12 days and MDMA users typically used less than once a month." (SBS News)

You can view the research bulletin here.