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Treatment of stimulant use: What the evidence says

27 May. 2020

Insight Queensland has released their semester one webinars for 2020. Associate Professor Rebecca McKetin will present Treatment of stimulant use: What the evidence says on Wednesday 27 May at 9:30AM ACST.

It has been estimated that 7.4 million people worldwide have an amphetamine use disorder, yet information on how to best to treat stimulant dependence is limited and often inconsistent. This talk will review the current global evidence on how effective different treatment approaches are for treating stimulant dependence. It will also discuss the need to address other harms associated with the use of stimulants.

A/Prof McKetin (BSc(Psychol)Hons. PhD) has a background in psychology and public health. She leads a program of research into stimulant use epidemiology and interventions at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales. She has published over 150 research articles in this area and her current work includes developing and trialling new treatment approaches for stimulant use, including online self-help and new medications. She led the only comprehensive evaluation of community-based treatment for methamphetamine use in Australia and she has recently published a review of the broader evidence around treatment responses to stimulant use, which she will discuss in her talk today.

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