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Peer Support Forum: Strong Foundations

25 Feb. 2021

Save The Date: February 25th 10am

NT Shelter are working on a number of projects devoted to strengthening tenancies. An important pillar in this work is understanding people's journeys to overcome adversity and establish strong households, allowing their families to thrive. The health sector has long recognised the importance of people with a lived experience but peers are an under-utilised resource in the housing and homelessness sector.
This exciting online forum looks an innovative proven model for training and employing people with lived experience to work with first time tenants and those whose tenancies are at risk to develop strong foundations to create homes, not just tenancies. During this forum you will hear from people who have overcome adversity, you will learn about their journey and how they are working to pass on their knowledge to others. We will hear from peer program designers, managers and educators to learn how peer support can be a legitimate employment path and improve the outcomes of tenancy support programs, and contribute to the culture of organisations and agencies.
Who should attend this important Zoom session: Tenancy support practitioners, tenancy managers, potential peer workers, program designers, policy officers, government and non government employees working with struggling tenancies.
Follow this link to express your interest in attending this Zoom Forum.