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International Family Drug Support Day

24 Feb. 2024

International Family Drug Support Day first started in 2016 and is held annually on or around 24 February to draw attention to the importance of families affected by alcohol and/or drugs, including the benefits of supporting families. When families are given education, awareness and tips on coping and keeping safe, the outcome for everyone is improved.

From small beginnings it has grown to international events in most Australian major cities and several overseas. The overall theme for the FDS events is Support the Family-Improve the Outcome and the theme for 2024 is Supported Families - Stronger Communities. 

Events feature key speakers addressing key objectives:

  • Reducing shame, stigma and discrimination in families.
  • Promoting support services for families and friends affected by drug use.
  • Promoting harm reduction strategies to keep people safe, including heroin prescription, pill testing and decriminalisation of the use of drugs.

The day aims to highlight:

  • The importance of volunteers in providing family support across Australia.
  • Reducing fatal and non-fatal overdoses and other critical incidences as a result of drug use.
  • Promoting greater support and resources for treatment services.
  • How giving people support and education can help families develop skills and strategies to deal with issues arising from drug use.